Happy Virgin Mary

The Happy Virgin Mary

Hail Virgin Mary

We can better do only to request the Blessed Virgin Mary, because God doesn’t refuse the graces only request the Mother of Jesus.
Our Lord himself condescended to learn in holy Mechtilde these greetings in the middle Immaculate of Marie and to promise to him special graces in favor of those which would thus honor the heart with his very holy mother.

I greet you, very pure Heart, as of your Immaculate Conception.
I greet you, very humble Heart, at the day of the Annunciation.
I greet you, Heart filled with devotion, with the birth of Jesus.
I greet you, Heart burning of love for God and the next one.
I greet you, very diligent Heart, guard of the words of God.
I greet you, very patient Heart, at the day of the pains of Jesus.
I greet you, Heart very faithful and to God and the men.
I greet you, Heart full with solicitude for our redemption.
I greet you, virginal Heart, very holy Heart, Heart always applied to celestial contemplations.
O Holy Mother, that one requested forever in vain, intercedes for me, requests for me.

I greet you, full with grace, the Lord is with you; that your grace is with me; you are blessed between all the women and are blessed either holy Anne your mother from which you were born without spot and sin, Virgin Mary O, you who gave the day to Jesus-Christ, the Son of Alive God.
I greet you, Virgin Marie, full with pains; Crucified Jesus is with you, you are worthy of compassion between all the women and worthy of compassion is Jesus, the fruit of your entrails.
Holy Virgin Marie, Mother of Crucified Jesus, it’s we who attached to the cross your Son; obtain to us tears of repentance and love, now and at the time of our death.

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