Happy Roland of Medicis

The Happy Roland of Medicis

Rolland de Médicis

One calls upon the happy Roland to be cured giddiness’s. The happy Roland of Medicis is particularly honored in Italy, his land native.
His life, devoted to God with his birth, was a long succession of charities, abnegations, of love of the next one. The happy Roland hears those which have for the poor a true and sincere charity.

Lord, you made known to us, by many miracles, the favors which we can obtain from the prayers and merits of Saint Roland. Thus condescend, O my God, to grant the cure to us whom we come to request by your intercession and by the merits of NR. – S. J. – C.
Happy Roland of Medicis, you who cure the giddiness’s so perfectly, request for us.

Seigneur Jesus which, for the redemption of the world, condescended to suffer all kinds of miseries, anguishes, opprobrium’s, insults, calumnies, insults, sorrows and afflictions, and to die on the cross: by all these things which you endured because of our sins, deliver me, I beg you, of all the sins, all the defects, all the dangers of this world, of the sorrows of the hell, sudden death and eternal. Also made that I never forget, but that I keep always in mind and in the middle what you suffered for me; so that after having taken part in your sorrows and your work, I take part in your rest and your joys.

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