Happy Marie Of The Help

The Happy Marie Of The Help

Marie du secours

One honors the Happy Marie of the Help in Barcelona where one comes to request near his body in the Notre-Dame church of Mercy. She had a difficult life and was constantly ridges some with calumnies. But she drew her force in the accounts of the life of the saints and God never gave up it.
She had to suffer so much during her terrestrial life which one can call upon her in all circumstances while being sure to be relieved, because she multiplies the miracles in favor of afflicted and all those which call upon her in their sorrows and their miseries.
One calls upon her against insomnia.

Made, please, God the Almighty, whom the helps until we wait and urge your kindness, by the merits and the prayers of the happy Marie, fill our hearts with joy; you see our sufferings and our sorrows, Ô my God; thus condescend to help us, so that we can bless you, you to rent, you to like on the ground and during all eternity. By N.-S. J.-C. Amen.
Happy Marie of the Help, if helpful with all those which call upon you, request for us and assist us.

Lord, which shouted: « My Father, I give my heart between your hands », mercifully receive my heart at the time of death.

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