Happy Lucie of Bufalore

The Happy Lucie of Bufalore

Lucie de Bufalore

The happy Lucie de Bufalore is particularly venerated in Italy. One calls upon her for the delivery of had or when one has a particular reason to fear the demon or evil.

We invoked the Holy martyr St Lucie of Bufalore:

  • For the healing of all kind of ailments of the eyes,
  • For the healing of the dysentery,
  • For the judgment of blood flow and all hemorrhages.

O God, which don’t cease making mercy and whose treasure of kindness is infinite, have pity of those that the demon wants to charm with your mercy; that the merits and the prayers of the happy Lucie come to their help and obtains to them what our unworthy prayers could not deserve to them, so that they rent you eternally, Ô infinitely good God. We request some from you by N.-S. J.-C. Amen.

Happy Lucie of Bufalore, intercede effectively in favor of those which the demon has, we ask it to you with confidence.

Good Jesus, stripped your clothing, attache at a column, cover of spittles, and torn whiplashes, have pity of me, Seigneur, have pity of me. Amen.

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