Happy Jean Opilion

Happy Jean Opilion

Jean Opilion

Happy Jean Opilion lived with Mouchy-The-Valiant knight, not far from Arras where he operated of sound living and after his death of innumerable miraculous cures. It’s always with Mouchy-the-Valiant knight that he’s honored and that the faithful ones come to require their cure, mainly those which suffer from calculations of the bladder. One more particularly calls upon him by making novena. This saint seems to like the charity which one expresses towards the poor.

O God, which wanted that the happy Jean Opilion learned how to us to bless your name by obtaining to us by his prayers the cure that we solicit; as made, Ô infinitely good God, as, by his intercession, we deserve one day to contemplate you in the middle of your saints. We request some from you by NR. – S. J. – C. Amen.
Happy Jean Opilion, owner special of those which are reached disease of the stone, request for us and help us.

Lord, which said to your mother: « Woman, here your son », and with Jean, your disciple: « Here your mother », made that by loving you accurately I can be always plain with your holy Mother.

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