Happy Gauthier

The Happy Gauthier

Holy Gauthier

Happy Gauthier is called upon against all kinds of fevers, but more particularly to obtain the cure of the cerebral fevers. The happy Gauthier lived close to Poitiers, where he’s honored, and made himself famous for his virtues and his miracles.

Lord my God, that your ears are attentive with the voice of my prayer; you are full with mercy, and I hope to obtain the cure that I ask you, by the intercession of your servant and pontiff, the happy Gauthier. We request some from you by N.-S. J.-C. Amen.
Request for us, happy Gauthier, so that we are delivered fever and of all dangerous diseases.

Our Heavenly Father, the Almighty, good, very merciful, have compassion of me, since for all my sins and all the sins of the world, I owe you the life, the passion and the death of your only son. I offer all to you that he did and endured for me in particular, and for all the men in general. I offer also all the merits to you of his very-good mother and of all the saints, so that in their favor you forgive me and give me the eternal life.Amen.

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