Happy Brother Gilles

The Happy Brother Gilles

Frère Gilles

Saint Bonaventure said of this religious Saint, that all those which call upon him for the things which look at the business of their safety, are fulfilled. One calls upon him against all the disturbances of the bile.
The happy brother Gilles followed Saint François and his rule of obedience and poverty. His desire to be the last of all had equaled only his very great piety. He always wore the patched dresses and made all kinds of humble work. God on several opportunities charms him in ecstasy and his zeal was some each time revived if it of he were need. He walked on requesting and renting God. He preached total confidence as a God and not having anything ever nothing missed.
When he died, in 1272, a great light surrounded his poor body put at sharp by the cilice that he always carried.

We beg you, O God the Almighty, particularly to place us under the protection of the happy Brother Gilles, so that this Religious Saint, if dedicated for the safety of the hearts, makes grow in us the Spirit of piety, the burning desire to be useful to you perfectly. Deliver to us, by his intercession, of all that would endanger our safety eternal, and would make us lose happiness eternal that you intend to us, O God our Saver. Amen.
Happy Saint Brother Gilles, which have a special grace to ensure our safety eternal, take care of us and assist us unceasingly.

O my Jesus, king of the kings, Master and life of my heart, can my heart being linked with your heart and all its pains! In you, O my Saver is the abundance of the hello, the inexhaustible abyss of the divine mercies, and the purest bliss. O glorious dominating, powerful protective of your faithful, you are the most invaluable jewel of human dignity; you are the skilful craftsman of our spiritual restoration; you are the doctor more sympathizing, the wisest adviser, the best defender, the most faithful friend, and the softest happiness of those which love you. Amen.

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