Holy Willebrod

Holy Willebrod

Holy Willebrod or Willibrord

Holy Willebrod or Willibrord felt the zeal of the service God to devour his heart and was ordered priest at the 33 years age and left evangelizer the North barbarians. God supported his servant and of many pagans converted. But the demon, furious to lose his domination, seized the body of the new converts. Holy Willebrod, by the sign of the cross and holy water, always drove out it.
He’s particularly honoured in Denmark.
One calls upon him against the epilepsy, the convulsions and St. Vitus’s dance.
In Echternach (Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg) place has each year a great dancing procession very curious made in his honor.

Which thanksgivings don’t have I to return to you, Ô Jésus  for the priceless gift of the faith, this union with your holy Eglise which enables me to take part in the merits of your saints and to have share with the particular gifts that you separated to them, in order to relieve us and to comfort us in all our sufferings and our sorrows. We bless you, by NR. – S.J. – C. Amen.
Holy Willebrod, refuge assured those which call upon you against the convulsions, request for us.

Made that my heart, that you condescended to marry by your love and your blood, is regarded as a poor widow that many time already the sin separated from her true husband. Alas! My heart recognizes his widowhood, and she ardently wishes to meet in you. Thus condescend to receive, like present of engagement, my heart and my body that I offer to you and give up you in any property. They should not be any more with me, but with you only, who bought them so expensive your invaluable blood. Amen.

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