Holy Vit

Holy Vit

Holy Vit or Guy

Holy Vit or Guy, that one distinguishes from Saint Vite according to the areas, is extremely probably the same saint.
Is called upon him to overcome the too prolonged sleep, the states of prostration and somnolence.
He is also called upon against the contagious diseases.

Lord, our God, made, please, that we honor with a continual worship the palms of your martyr Holy Vit, and that we deserve to find in him a powerful lawyer near your Majesty, to obtain the helps to us which we beseech in this moment of your mercy. By NR. – S.J. – C. Amen.
Holy Vit, refuge assured all those which call upon you against the sleep prolonged and against chorée, requests for us and helps us.

Ô Crucified Jésus, clarify my heart of your salutary lesson, so that I always achieve with joy your commands. Be the sun of my spirit, so that all my knowledge comes from you. You like a radiant star in my heart raise, so that I lose sight of the fact you never again. That the grace of your Holy Cross shines above my residence, and on all my actions; that it accompanies me in all my steps; that it’s to me a victorious sword in my fights against the prince of darkness, and a thick wall at every time, and in all the situations of my life. Amen

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