Holy Maur or Amaury

Holy Maur or Amaury

Holy Maur or Amaury, Amalric, Maura, Morane, Mauro

Holy Maur or Amaury, Amalric, Maura, Morane, Mauro, son of Equitius, roman senator, was born in Rome around 512 and death toward 584. First of the disciples of Saint Benedict, he lived with him at the abbey of Montecassino of Norcia. According to legend, when Saint Benedict sent him in Gaul, to build the people by his examples and his holiness, he founded the abbey of Glanfeuil, first benedictine abbey of Anjou. Holy Maur or Amaury is the patron saint of coal, the boilermakers, the gravediggers. He operate of many miracles and made an immense amount of good in the countries acrossed. He’s celebrated on 15 January.
Holy Maur or Amaury is invoked against the colds of brain or coryza.

We beg you, Lord, by the intercession of Holy Maur or Amaury, to return to us pleasant to your majesty, so that we obtained by his prayers the spiritual graces and the cures which we hope for of your kindness. We request some from you by NR. – S. J. – C. Amen.
Holy Maur or Amaury, of any pernicious cold deliver us by your prayers.

Ô my Jesus! Your spines are for me pinks, and your passion is to me a paradise. Amen.

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