Holy Gaucher

Holy Gaucher

Rolland de Médicis

Holy Gaucher is called upon to obtain to be preserved unforeseeable and disastrous accidents. Holy Gaucher was designated by God to base monasteries on the ground of French. He had all qualities which make a trainer of men. He had in more the most invaluable virtues: charity, humility, love of next, total faith as a God. And it was necessary that he had all that, because this builder of convents was hermit by taste and would have liked to request God in loneliness. At this point in time he sought a site favorable for the establishment of a monastery which he made a fall of horse mortal. He died on the ground, with the foot of a tree, exhorting his brothers with courage.

Made, Ô my God the Almighty, whom we are strengthened in the love of your saint name by all the goods and all the favors of which you will fill us in memory of Holy Gaucher your servant, who was useful to you so accurately and whom you condescend glorify the every day in a so marvelous way. We request some from you by NR. – S. J. – C. Amen.
Holy Gaucher, which obtain the health of the body and the heart and which preserve, of any misfortune those which call upon you, request for us.

Ô God, wisdom and the infinite love, you know and you want what is useful and advantageous for us; make us the grace, please, not have on the ground, like the angels and the happy ones in the sky, of another will that yours. Amen.

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