Holy Frederic

Holy Frederic

Holy Antoine of Padoue

Holy Frederic is celebrated the 3 and on September 13rd. This saint priest gave all his life the example of most beautiful virtues; he was honoured with all and the people kept him a long time in veneration. The account of his miracles was propagated through the countries and the patients came from fort far to be cured.
He excelled giving the harmony between the divided families and never left two enemies without reconciling them.
One calls upon Holy Frederic for all kinds of diseases. He’s particularly called upon by the deaf persons who want to find the use of hearing.

We beg you, Seigneur, by the intercession of Holy Frederic, to grant the cure to us which we come to beseech with your feet. That we can, Ô my God, to intend to celebrate your mercies and your kindness and to join our praises to those which are addressed to you by your trusty servants. We request some from you by NR. – S.J. – C. Amen.
Holy Frederic, whom one calls upon with such an amount of success for the cure of deafness, request for us.

My God; I will regard myself from now on the minister of your providence, and as the dispenser of your graces near the poor; to relieve them, I will cut off all the profusions and the insane expenditure, which became like the single bond of the company among the partisans of the world. He isn’t right, large God! What do I repair, by holy generosities, the criminal use which I made up to now of the goods that I hold only of you, and that you had given me only to relieve those which suffer in the hunger and misery? The poor will be thus from now on the most essential object of my care. Could I, Seigneur, food in abundance, while the unhappy ones, that my brothers, that the suffering members of Jesus-Christ your Son languish in the horrors of the hunger and indigence? I will take care, Ô my God, with their needs; I will soften their sorrows; my most delicious food will be that which I will cut off myself to satisfy them; I will wipe their tears; and in the innocent joy that they will feel to see thus helped, they will thank you, large God! To have given them, in the charity of those which are useful to you, of the so favorable helps; and far from looking at the rich person like unjust kidnappers, they will bless them like their guards and their fathers. Amen.

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