Holy Expedit

Holy Expedit

Holy Anséric

Holy Expedit is called upon for the causes in a hurry.
After a life devoted to the poor and the patients, Holy Expedit undergoes the martyr in Arménie. One never calls upon him in vain in the cases of pressing necessity.

Holy Expedit, perfect imitator of Jesus-Christ, request, for me.
Holy Expedit, guide and support of those which stumble, request for me.
Saint Expedit, herald of the glory of the Saver, request for me.
Saint Expedit, which shine in the Paradise, request for me.
Saint Expedit, flame of divine charity, request for me.
Ô great Holy Expedit, in this, pressing need, I turn to you: I await your intercession very. I entreat you, help me.

Lord, Lord King all: powerful, all is subjected to your capacity, and nothing will be able to resist your will if you solved to save us. You have all creates, you are Master of all. Now thus, Ô Lord our king! Have pity of your people; don’t give up it, these people that you, chose for your heritage: fulfill our prayers, are favorable, change our tears of joy to us; we will employ to rent you the every day, which you will condescend to preserve us. Amen.

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