Holy Eutrope

Holy Eutrope

Frère Gilles

One calls upon Holy Eutrope to be cured hydropisy.
Holy Eutrope was Orange’s bishop, in Vaucluse, at the 5th century. He was in hillock with perpetual persecutions which he supported with faith and bravery, distributing around him the benefits of his inexhaustible charity.
Humblest of his flocks was ensured to find near him a sympathizing ear and the helps which they needed.
This saint bishop remained a long time in veneration in the memory of the Orange inhabitants.

Ô God, which set ablaze charity the heart of Holy Eutrope and returned it if sympathizing with the sufferings your servants, made that in this day, where call upon we it of all our heart, we obtained the cure that we ask you by his merits and his prayers, We request some from you by NR. – S.J. – C. Thus is it.
Holy Eutrope, if powerful to help us in the hydropisy, comfort our afflicted hearts and assist to us your prayers unceasingly.

Come, Ô my divine Jesus, come to break the last bonds which attach me to the creatures and delay the happy moment when I will not live any more but for you. Made that, forgetting me myself, I don’t see, I only wish only you, and rest me on your center, like the beloved disciple, in this delicious peace that the world doesn’t give, that he cannot even understand, but as, as his storms couldn’t disturb. Amen.

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