Holy Emilien

Holy Emilien

Jean Opilion

Holy Emilien is called upon against the headaches. He’s also called upon it to obtain the cure of the gravel and against the hernias.
Holy Emilien  who died martyr about year 700, was bishop of Nantes and firmly established Christianity in the south of Brittany. Not only he gave all his time to his saint ministry, but still he knew, to be surrounded able and virtuous priests who assisted him effectively.

God the Almighty who formed yourself the heart of Holy Emilien  by filling it of compassion for our sufferings and the evils with which we are afflicted; condescend to grant to his intercession the cure which we ask with enthusiasm and which we hope for of your kindness. We request some from you by NR. – S. J. – C. Amen.
Holy Emilien, whom we calls upon with such an amount of confidence, to obtain the cure of the headaches and the gravel, request unceasingly for us.

My God, condescend to regulate me by your wisdom, to contain me by your justice, to comfort me by your mercy, to protect me by your power.
. I devote you my thoughts, my words, my actions and my sufferings, so that from now on I think of you, I speak about you, I act according to you, and I suffer for you. Amen.

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