Holy Drogon

Holy Drogon

Frère Gilles

Holy Drogon is called upon by those which are reached ruptures, interior descents and disease of the stone. Holy Drogon always grants his assistance to those which have for him a devotion particular.
Holy Drogon or Druon lived at the 12th century. Eternal pilgrim, preaching the Gospel of repentance, he attracted with him the crowd of the faithful piles, blessing them and curing them, and brought back, with considering and account of his virtues and his miracles, the hearts mislaid in the center of the Church.

Ô God, which give us the everyday of new examples of the miraculous capacity that you gave to your elected officials in our favor, strengthen our confidence in their intercession, so that being entirely relieved of the evils which we suffer here below, we can serve to you as all our heart and eternally bless you in the company of the Saints. We request some from you by NR. – S. J. – C. Amen.
Holy Drogon, our refuge assured in our cruel interior diseases, request unceasingly for us.

Happy saints, who already crossed the floods of this life mortal, and which enjoy without fear your imperishable glory; have pity of my many miseries.
Famous people of God, and his heritage eternal, lower your glances on this poor which achieves his pilgrimage in the ground of exile, and which your help and your consolation descend on him from the top from the skies.
Inhabitants of the celestial fatherland, tighten the hand with this disabled person; raise this unhappy which fell, so that, cured his weakness, he becomes strong in the combat.
Powerful guards of my safety, I shout towards you: center of the happy fatherland, pour in me some drops of the invaluable wine of your love, because my force was desiccated like the remains of a clay vase, and my heart weakened of thirst. Amen.

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