Holy Donmole

Holy Donmole

Frère Gilles

One calls upon Holy Donmole against the tapeworm or the tapeworm.
Holy Donmole passed his life in the speech and the prayer. He generally meditated on the Passion of the Saver.
He looked after all the patients who came to him and never show himself disgusted by more disgusting affections. He made many miracles during his life.

Deliver me, Lord, of all the evils present, passed and to come, and, by the intercession of Holy Donmole, lend the ear to the prayer that I address to you with faith and confidence. 0 God the Almighty and miséricordieux, I throw myself in your arms and beseeches you for my health so that, returned with health, I can rent you and to bless you the remainder of my days.
Holy Donmole, because God granted the grace to you to deliver his children of the tapeworm, in remembering the cures which you made, by the merits of your sacrifices, please, intercede for me.

Condescend, Ô God of mercy, to grant to me the grace to have for next charity sincere and acting; to receive from an always equal spirit the praises and calumnies; to take pleasure to return the good for the evil and to overcome the evil by the good; to speak about the defects of the others only with those which must know them; to choke in me all the movements of desire and all the words of sourness; to give up my own feelings to adapt to me to those of the others in all that prudence and piety will be able to allow me; to get peace and the union and between all kinds of people, as much as it will be able to depend on me; to delight me by their advantages, to take part in their sorrows, and to testify finally with everyone, in each circumstance, depending on my forces and my state, which I don’t only like of words nor of language, but indeed and in truth. Amen.

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