Holy Conrad of Pleasure

Holy Conrad of Pleasure

Notre Père 2

One calls upon Holy Conrad of Pleasure against the hernias, to be preserved about it and for their reduction. Holy Conrad of Pleasure was a rich person lord of Pleasure, in Italy. During a shooting party, he involuntarily put fire at a forest. The damage was so important that he was ruined completely by refunding them. God chooses this moment for the touch of his grace and to do his repentance of his sanguinary tastes which made him like hunting over all.
Holy Conrad of Pleasure withdrew himself in a monastery, in Sicily, and built there the monks until his death which occurred in 1351.

Condescend, Ô my God, fulfill your servants who have recourse to your mercy and which address to you their humble prayers of the bottom of their heart, in order to obtain by the merits of Holy Conrad of Pleasure the cure of our evils that we ask you humbly and with confidence by the merits of NR. – S.J. – C. Amen.
Holy Conrad of Pleasure, which are an effective guard for those which are reached hernias, request for us.

In my distress, Ô my God! I have resort to you, who are the source of the mercies, so that you cure me: I shelter under your protection, and for me a Saver begs you to be: because if you want to be my judge, I will not be able to support your glances. Amen.

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