Holy Christian of Douai

Holy Christian of Douai


Holy Christian of Douai is especially called upon for the happy delivery of the women in labor and to obtain the cure of the fevers puerpérals.
This saint priest, who served, in Douai, the parish of Holy Albin, was known of all the small poor and hard-working people. One never struck at his door in vain, and his tireless charity distributed day and night bread of the heart and food of the body to all those which was addressed to him.
He’s celebrated on April 7th and the miracles which took place with his tomb were numerous.

Ô God, which are the size and the glory of humble and which raised happy Chrétien, your servant, with the glory of the saints: made, please, that by the intercession of his merits and the virtue of your saints Gospels whom we receive with piety, we are delivered of all our sufferings and all our infirmities. We request some from you by NR. – S. J. – C. Amen.
Holy Christian of Douai, which obtain health with the patients and a happy delivery with the expectant mothers, request for us, we ask it to you with confidence.

Thus help me, Ô my God! By accepting like your property all my being that I give up you in this moment. Let us make an exchange, Ô my Jesus! Take in your hands my so miserable being, to plunge it in the ocean of your love; and give me, in return, your holy and divine charity, which extinguishes in me any other love, which fully destroys me in myself, to leave me be only in you. And then with vigilance and a continual prayer, I will not succumb any more to any temptation. Amen.

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