Holy Ceronne

Holy Ceronne

Frère Gilles

Holy Ceronne is called upon against itchings.
Early, Holy Céronne was filled by the Holy Spirit any young person, the sight of miseries made him cry and he endeavoured to relieve them with his small means of child and all his tenderness towards the suffering.
His life was entirely dedicated to the poor and, though resulting from a rich family, he wanted nothing to never receive some saying that the faith as a God was preferable with the money.

Saint Céronne, faithful and dedicated defender of the truth against the heretics, request for us.
Holy Ceronne, which carried to far the light and the truths from the faith, request for us.
Holy Ceronne which, as of childhood, could be essential sacrifices to help the unhappy ones, request for us.
Holy Ceronne which, as of the most tender age, you are leaning on human misery, request for us.
My God, in remembering the merits of Saint Céronne, condescend to approve supplication that we address to you by his intermediary.
We request some from you by Jesus-Christ Our Lord. Amen.
Holy Ceronne, for our cure, request for us.

Ô my Jesus! Allow my heart to take care and request near your Holy Cross. It’s admirable your passion, Ô Jesus Lord! Because it erases all our iniquities, cures all our diseases, delivers eternal torments the really penitent hearts. Admirable is also your death for us; because, from now on that is there of so close to the death, which cannot be saved by yours? Amen.

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