Holy Ceneric and Cenere

Holy Ceneric and Cenere

Holy Anséric

One calls upon our happy brothers, Holy Ceneric and Cenere in favor of the feverish ones, by wishes and pilgrimages. Holy Cenere is called upon particularly against the foot-and-mouth disease, the war and the sufferings of the hunger.
The relics of Holy Ceneric rest in the church of Sées. The relics of Holy Cenere, owner of Anjou, are preserved in the cathedral of Angers.

Condescend, Seigneur, to grant to the prayers our saints intercessors all the favors which we request with confidence of your mercy. Fill us of a holy joy which makes us unceasingly bless your mercy and the capacity of your saints near your Majesty. We request some from you by NR. – S.J. – C. Amen.
Holy Ceneric and Cenere, hope of the patients el of those which suffer in an excessive way, request for us and relieve us effectively.

I greet you with love, majestic face of my Saver Jesus, purer than gold best purified, very clearly mirror of the Holy Trinity, you that spittles and the blows disfigured so much and covered with blood, that you lost all your beauty. Amen.

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