Holy Bont or Bonnet

Holy Bont or Bonnet

Holy Anséric

Holy Bont or Bonnet grants the cure to the patients and the consolation in all the sorrows of the life to those which call upon him, but to the condition which are held secret the graces that his distributes thus. He was born in French towards 640 and accepted from terrestrial God human glory and richnesses; but he was humble and his richnesses were used to relieve the poor people which, attracted by his reputation of holiness, came to strike with his door. His virtues raised him with the high load of bishop whom he exerted in Clermont-Ferrand where he died about year 700.

Remember, in my favor, my Lord and my God, of Holy Bont or Bonnet your servant and his admirable humility; hear us by the intercession of that which was useful to you with such an amount of love on this ground, and whose heart overflowed of charity for next We let us request some You by NR. – S.J. – C. Amen.
Holy Bont or Bonnet, consolator of the hearts afflicted and health with the patients, help us.

Ô my Jesus! I believe firmly that never any man endured sadness and anguish larger than that that’s your heart was flooded with the garden of the Olive-trees. It’s what enough this sweat of blood says to me that the violence of your pain drives out your veins. And that which the anguish cuts down of this kind, it’s you, Ô husband strapping of your faithful! The thought of the sufferings which you soon will endure because of our sins, and more still that of our future ingratitude, were the cause of this immense pain. By your Passion, Jesus Lord, have pity of me. Amen.

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