Holy Boetian

Holy Boetian

Frère Gilles

One places the small children who are long in walking as those which are reached of coxalgia under the protection of Holy Boetian.
To make novena, it’s in connection with beginning it the day of its festival, on May 22nd, and to assist each day with Holy Sacrifice of the Mass of the mass.
Holy Boetian, who lived at the 7th century, was massacred by the pagan jealous ones of his kindness, his miracles and many conversions which he caused.

God the Almighty and eternal, multiply, we beg you, your mercies on us, so that we correspond with dignity to this immense love which you eûtes for us of giving us your only son and while multiplying in the sky and on the ground our intercessors close to you; that by the prayers of Holy Boetian, your blessing particularly extends on the children whom one recommends to his protection. We request some from you by NR. – S.J. – C. Amen.
Holy Boetian, whom one effectively calls upon in favor of the small children, take them under your protection unceasingly.

Ô my Jesus Saver! made, I beg you, that your passion is my force, that it keeps me, protects me and defends me; that your wounds are to me a food and a beverage, which nourish me, delight me and enivrent me; that the sprinkling of your invaluable blood purifies me of all my stains; that your death is eternally my glory; and that in your passion are the repair, the joy, health, the taste, the consolation and the desire of my body and my heart, now and always. Amen.

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