Holy Blaise

Holy Blaise

Notre Père 2

Holy Blaise is one of the most popular saints by the effectiveness of his intercession. Also he’s very called upon.
Because, in his jail, he cures child that fish-bone strangled and which was about to choke, and because holy Blaise had requested from God, by curing him, the grace to relieve all those which, afflicted with evils of throat, would be recommended to him, one calls upon him against the dangers to perish choked. He moreover is called upon, with a great effectiveness, against cough, the whooping-cough, the goiter and the evils of throat.

My saver and my God, who nourished us with a celestial kindness, preserve us, by the prayers of your martyr, holy Blaise, of all that can be harmful with our bodies; of any disastrous accident and any dangerous disease which would deprive to us in this moment to enjoy you eternally. We request some from you by NR. – S.J. – C. Amen.
Holy Blaise, powerful intercessor for all those which call upon you in most pressing required, request for us.

What can I return to you, Seigneur, for all it although you made me? Ô my good Master! I want to never forget the sorrows which you endured because of me, while you preached your doctrines, in your voyages, your days before and your prayers, the tears compassion that you poured on me, in your sufferings, in the insults, ill treatments and blows that you received during your passion. Never, not ever I don’t want to forget the nails of your cross and the wounds of your body. If I forgot all these things, wouldn’t I be responsible for the blood which you poured on the ground? Ah! That cannot I have enough water in my head, enough of tears in the eyes to cry day and night the death which my Jesus Saver suffered for my sins! Amen.

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