Holy Basle

Holy Basle

Holy Anséric

One calls upon Holy Basle to obtain the cure of the oedemas. Holy Basle was, above all, the friend of the poor and the children. For each one, he could find the word which comforts and strengthens. The patients came to him from fort far, because his reputation of miracle-worker was large. Holy Basle enjoys in fulfill all those which have for him a particular veneration, and which support their prayers by acts of charity.

Ô infinitely good God, which poured abundant graces on all work and companies of Holy Basle, we return to you grace For all the natural and supernatural benefits obtained by his intercession; make us the grace, Ô my God, to arrive there, where with all the saints I will be able to enjoy your immense liberality and to link my praises with those of your saints. By N R. – S. J. – C. Amen.
Holy Basle, that the patients and afflicted never called upon in vain, request for us.

I greet you deeper of my heart, victim salutary, which you are immolated on the tree of the cross for all the men, and me in particular. I greet you, noble and invaluable Sang; who run holy wounds of my crucified Saver, and purify the whole world of its crimes. Condescend also to remember you me, your poor creature. Amen.

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