Holy Balthazar

Holy Balthazar

Notre Père 2

One calls upon Holy Balthazar against the epilepsy. Holy Balthazar is one of three Kings Mages, the black, which adored the Jesus Child in the crib. He was him which brought the myrrh. Though he died in the East where he spread the news which a Saver had been born with the world, his body was, says one, paid to Cologne like those of the Holies Gaspar and Melchior. The relics of these three saints are thus honoured in Cologne (Germany).

Ô God the Almighty, which sent a miraculous star to the Holy Magi to guide them and lead them to the feet of that which is the eternal light, we beg you to grant to us, by the particular intercession of Holy Balthazar, the graces that we request. We request some from you by NR. – S. J. – C. Amen.
Holy Balthazar, owner against the epilepsies, request for us.

Ô my Jesus! I want to separate never again from your Holy Cross: because it’s the invaluable tree which was devoted by your blood; who bears the salutary fruits of the grace, and who nourishes our hearts of a celestial food. I want to thus like it of all my love, of all my heart, all my forces. Amen.

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