Holy Aspace

Holy Aspace

Holy Anséric

One calls upon particularly Holy Aspace to obtain the relief of the headaches which come from abscess of the ear.
Holy Aspace, that nothing distinguished particularly to be the apostle of Christ, however had a very Christian education and an admirable mother. Touched by the grace the day of his twenty years, he devoted all his life since then to the poor and God. He spread with zeal the Gospel of Christ and made many miracles.

Ô God, which wanted that happy Aspace was done all with all for the safety of the hearts: spread in our hearts soft nesses of your grace, and grant to our bodies the relief our sufferings, so that we didn’t cease blessing you and renting to you during all eternity, in company of this Holly bishop, of which we beseech the intercession. We request some from you by NR. – S. J. – C. Amen.
Holy Aspace, owner special against the headaches, intercede for us.

Ô God which sent your Son to us, I return to you graces for his passion, his death on the cross, the invaluable overflowing of his innocent blood, price of our redemption, for the mystery of his flesh and of his blood, who each day in the Church nourishes us, refreshes us, us washes, sanctifies us and returns to us participating of the divinity. I return graces to you, for the unutterable love that you gave us; because you so much liked the world, which you delivered your only son, so that none of those which believe in him are lost, but that all obtain the eternal life. However, the eternal life consists in for us you knowing, you and that which you sent, by a sincere faith and holy works. Amen.

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