Holy Arnoult

Holy Arnoult

Holy Gauthier

One calls upon Holy Arnoult to obtain the cure of cancers of the stomach, and also to find the lost objects, to be preserved or cured of all body defects, unforeseen miseries and misfortunes.
Wonders announced that a child cherished of God was going to be born, while his mother awaited his birth. This birth itself was announced to the mother of Holy Arnoult by an angel.
Holy Arnoult was a pious child, sensitive to the unhappy one. He was high in the Christian faith with devotion very special with the Blessed Virgin. Also, little time before his death, he had a vision of the Blessed Virgin who announced to him that he would celebrate with the Sky, this year, the birthday of her Assumption.

Condescend, Seigneur, to return to us participating of the miracles and merits of Holy Arnoult, while granting to all those which have recourse to him the health which they need to achieve their duties; that we are helped, comforted and delivered of all body defects, unforeseen miseries and misfortunes, and that per hour of dead we are provide with all the help of the sky.
By NR. – S. J. – C. Amen.
Holy Arnoult, if powerful to help us in all our diseases and all our sorrows, request for us.

Ô Lord, which said: « Father, forgive them, because they don’t know what they do », grant to me the grace to forgive, by love for you, with all those which made me evil. Amen.

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