Holy Antoine

Holy Antoine

Holy Antoine of Padoue

One calls upon Holy Antoine against the contagious diseases and the skin diseases.
Holy Antoine, hermit, was born with Like, in High-Egypt, into 251.
Eager to follow these words of Christ « If you want to be perfect, go, sell all that you have and give it to the poor », Holy Antoine withdrew himself in the desert after the death of his parents having distributed to the poor all his goods.
God allowed that the demons tried it. And Holy Antoine fought and drove out them by the sign of the cross. Then he complained with God, saying to him: « Where were you thus, Seigneur? » and God answered him: « My son, I was with you and I was delighted by your victories ».

God the Almighty, who love with glorify your servants, we humbly ask you to help us in our affliction, by the intercession of Saint Antoine, whom we beseech in this day. Exude us, we request some from you by NR. – S. J. – C. Thus is it.
Holy Antoine, whose protection is felt with those which call upon you, request for us.

Lord, exudes my prayer, and that my cries rise to you.
Don’t divert your face of top me; in some day that I am afflicted, go attentive with my voice; in some day that I call upon you, (exudes me promptly, but particularly today, that I have a need pressing for your help.
Because my days disappeared like smoke, and my bones became as dry as wood intended to light fire.
I was struck by the plagues of your anger, and my heart was desiccated, because I am tiny room to all the horrors of the extreme misery, because I miss bread to alleviate the hunger which devours me.
By groan, I have nothing any more but the skin stuck on the bones.
I became similar to the pelican, which lives in loneliness; I became as the owl which withdraws itself in the obscure places.
I took care, I spent the nights without sleeping; I became as a sparrow which is held only under a roof.
My enemies make me during all the day of continual reproaches, and those which rented to me before make imprecations against me.
Because I eat ash like the bread, and that I mix my tears with what I drink.
Because I cry unceasingly with the sight of your anger and your indignation that I attracted each other by my iniquities; they carried you, O my God, to reverse me after me to have raised.
For you, Lord, you remain eternally, and the memory of your name will pass from race in race.
You will rise, and you will have pity of me; you will draw me from the deep abyss where I am plunged, because the time of your mercy came.
Then the nations will say: The Lord looked at the prayer of that which was in humiliation, and he didn’t scorn his request.
It’s you, Seigneur, who founded the ground as of the beginning, and the skies are the work of your hands.
They will perish, but you will always remain; they will age like clothing, and will change them to you as a dress which one covers one self.
But for you, you are always the same one, and your years will not pass.
Thus the children of your servants will again live the ground which you had given to their fathers, and their posterity will be led there by your power to live it in every century. Amen.

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