Holy Anthelme

Holy Anthelme

Frère Gilles

The holy Carthusian monk Holy Anthelme found, when he arrived there, Large Chartreuse in ruins materially and morally. Animated of a great energy, he raised Large Chartreuse of its ruins and gave again with the monks courage necessary.
Called later with the episcopate of Belley (Ain), he traversed his diocese in all directions, awoke his priests, attracted crowd, made miracles, relieved afflicted, helped the poor and the unhappy ones.
When he died, in 1177, the populations of the diocese of Belley were pilot astonishing wonders.
Holy Anthelme remained the guard of the town of Belley.
One calls upon particularly Holy Anthelme to obtain the cure of the broken members.

God of kindness, which filled for us the heart of Saint Anthelme of the feelings with mercy and of tenderness of which the heart of Jesus-Christ, your Son, was always penetrated for us, grant to all those which honor this happy Bishop with living and to die in a perfect conformity with your holy will and to be preserved plagues which deserved us our sins. We request some from you by NR. – S. J. – C. Amen.
Holy Anthelme, which grant all those which call upon you, request for us.

Ô Jesus plunged in the bitterness! I rent and glory your infinite mercy, by which you wanted to be condemned to dead cruelest in your passion. Amen.

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