Holy Ansery or Anseric

Holy Ansery or Anseric

Holy Anséric

Holy Ansery or Anseric lived at the 6th century. His life was a succession of miracles; he there still has a hundred years only, existed in Epagny, close to Soissons, a fountain whose virtue cured the fevers and returned health to the patients. This fountain was called fountain of the foot of Holy Ansery or Anseric, because it’s with the prayer of the Saint that this water spouts out under his foot.
One calls upon holy Anséry against the feverish diseases and to obtain the cure of the sinusitis.

You condescended, Seigneur, to listen to the prayer of Saint Anséry favorably, and the charity of his heart was spread like water on the ground and a sign of your mercy, so that it’s a salutary remedy for the diseases of the heart and the body. We request some from you by NR. – S. J. – C. Amen.
Holy Ansery or Anseric, very particular lawyer of those which are reached diseases, fevers and of sinusitis, request for us.

I greet you with love, arm of my Jesus saver, wide on the cross as the crowned branches of the tree of life, and that the violence of your torturers drew and disjoined. Amen.

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