Holy Andre

Holy Andre

Rolland de Médicis

Holy Andre had the joy of dying on a cross like his Master. This cross had a particular form which one since then calls cross of Holy Andre.
While his lawsuit was made, threatened to undergo the Crucifixion if he didn’t abjure his faith, holy Andre answered calmly: « If I feared the Crucifixion, I would not preach the size of the cross. » And when he saw the cross, he exclaimed: « I come to you with joy, return to me to my divine Master. »
He’s the large guard of those which are wrongfully marked and which can always call upon he usefully.
The women who don’t have children address â him and obtain some, thanks to his intercession.

Ô God which, by the ministry for happy André, made germinate the seed of the Gospel, exudes our prayers, and made that we feel the soft effects of the intercession of your Holy apostle at your divine Majesty. We request some from you, by NR. – S. J. – C. Thus is it.
Holy Andre, particularly called upon by those which are wrongfully marked, and by the sterile women, request for us and assist us.

Ô my Jesus, Only sons of our Heavenly Father, our Master and our king, whom did you leave in this world like heritage with your children? Ah! You had here below only poverty, tiredness, misery, the sufferings and the pains, the contempt and the derision of the men, and the wood of the Holy Cross, in order to die there for us. Since we are your children, we can give up this invaluable legacy only you made us; we cannot reject your passion, and refuse to suffer for you. Thus made, Seigneur that I become in conformity with you, while suffering for you, since my sins were the cause of your cruel died, and that your five wounds are like my blazon, for which I would be always ready to suffer and to die for your glory. Amen.

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