Holy Anastase

Holy Anastase

Jean Opilion

Holy Anastase is particularly called upon by those which suffer from evils of kidneys.
Holy Anastase was hermit on the Sinai mount about the year 700. Holy Anastase was a remarkable theologian, but his greater virtues were charity and humility.

My God which allow that your servant is reached in his flesh, we request from you, by the merits of your Saints and the intercession of Holy Anastase, to grant to him, if such is your will, the cure of sound badly and the repentance of his faults so that he doesn’t fall down any more in the errors which made he sick. By our Lord Jesus-Christ. Amen.
Holy Anastase, be favourable and deliver to us our suffering to us.

I greet you with love, Ô my Jesus, plunged in the pain: Ô you, palm of patience, you who, to repurchase the guilty men, were nailed on a ignominious  cross, and which during three hours suffered in your body and your heart from the so dreadful torments, that inanimate nature was it even terrified. I greet you, Ô my Jesus. Amen.

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