Holy Amateur or Amour

Holy Amateur or Amour

Holy Antonin

Holy Amateur or Amour, death to 340 is the first bishop of Troyes at the time of Constant Ier. The breviary Trojan made mention of this saint the Ier day of May.
If the name of Holy Amateur or Amour is known, the date of the foundation of the bishopric is unknown. It is probably subsequent to the promulgation of the edict of Milan in 313 by the Roman emperor Constantin Ier.
Holy Amateur or Amour is generally called upon against the losses of memory.
We read in martyrology of Bollandistes that in Amoback, in Franconie, one finds a fountain to which the prayers of Saint Amour made grant by God a marvelous virtue for the cure of the patients.
The devotion with Holy Amateur or Amour was thus spread in French, where many localities rose under his name.

That your saints help us in all places O Jesus Lord, and made, we request some from you, that by honoring here below the virtues and the merits with Saint Amour, we test the effectiveness of his prayers. We request some from you by NR. – S .J. – C. Amen.
Holy Amateur or Amour, which you show so favorable to the patients who beseech you, request for us and assist to us this salutary water.

O immaculate lamb of God, which didn’t open the mouth while your face was struck and that you were insulted, have pity of me. Amen.

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