Holy Amaranthe

Holy Amaranthe

Our Father

Holy Amaranthe undergoes a horrible martyrdom for the saint name of Jesus whom he vigorously refused to disavow. One tore off the flesh with iron nails to him, but an angel cured him in his dungeon; one threw him in a burning furnace, but the flames deviated from him. Then one believed to come to end by locking up him in a part with vipers and scorpions, but they respected him. Finally, one had to slice the head to him.
Holy Amaranthe enjoys in grant those which request him for the cure of a descent of stomach.

Condescend, Ô my God, to favorably receive the homage’s of which I surround with love the glorious tombs of your saints and their invaluable relics; made that after having liked all my life of a love full with tenderness and confidence those which you fill of glory and pleasure, I can rent you with them during all eternity. By NR. – S. J. – C. Amen.
Holy Amaranthe, which are so helpful with all those which call upon you, request for us.

Don’t allow, my God, that I never become to you inaccurate. Made that I more know each day admirable testimony’s of your love for me, so that mine draws a new force there. I want from now on to be only with you and to love only you. Amen.

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