Holy Alderic

Holy Alderic

Notre Père 2

One calls upon particularly Holy Alderic to obtain the cure of the stroke.
Holy Alderic was bishop of Mans. His name remained in veneration among Manceaux which he miraculously preserved of a terrible epidemic of plague.

Lord, which were glorify  in a particular way by the virtues, the miracles and the death of Holy Alderic, bishop of Mans, we beg you to listen to the prayers favorably that we address to you by the mediation of this great Saint, your trusty servant. We request some from you by Jesus-Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Holy Alderic, whom one so effectively calls upon against the stroke, request for us.

My good Saver Jesus, it’s with fear and tremor that I approach your furnace bridge, to attend your adorable sacrifice: and yet though I don’t have any merit suitable to present to you, I put all my confidence in your mercy and your love. Ah! I have for it great need, Seigneur: because I soiled many time my body and my heart by the sin, and I didn’t keep, as I was, my language and my heart. Purify me, Seigneur. Amen.

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