Holy Albert

Holy Albert

Holy Anséric

Holy Albert was born in Italy about the year 1200. He desire to serve God only inserted him in a monastery. This religious saint lived been unaware of their world until 1262. With his death, his fame of holiness crosses the walls of the convent, and the patients and the disabled person who requested close to his tomb turned over from there cured.
Is requested him to obtain the cure of fistulas.

Ô God, which have illustrated by innumerable miracles happy Holy Albert, made, please, that, by his merits and his prayers, we obtained the graces and the favors that we ask you with a great confidence, by begging you of glorify still your servant. We request some from you by NR. – S. J. – C. Amen.Holy Albert, which obtain the health of the body and the heart and preserve of any misfortune, request for we who beseech you.

I greet you with love, stops my saver Jesus, source always pure, from where the words of life spout out, and with which them ill treatments removed his color and his beauty. I greet you and of me fulfill begs you. Amen.

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