Holy Agathon

Holy Agathon

Our Father

One calls upon Holy Agathon to be preserved or cured abrasions. Originating in Sicily, Holy Agathon was elected Pope at an advanced age. Credit and very filled of virtues, pushed by the need to make burst the glory of God, he opened one of the councils of Constantinople before dying, towards 680.
Holy Agathon is especially known for having done condemn the monothelisme at the Council of Constantinople (680-681), and for having subtracted from the Church of Rome to the taxes of the emperor. Holy Agathon also made recognize the authority of the See of Rome by the archbishop of Ravenna and ratcheted up the Roman influence on the clergy of the West.

Lord my God, made that we honor with a continual worship your holy Pope Agathon, and that we deserve to find in him the remarkable intercessor to obtain the helps which we let us wish to obtain from you. By our-Lord Jesus-Christ.
Holy Agathon who one calls upon to be preserved and cured of the abrasions, request for us.

Good Jesus, died on the cross, bored of a lance under the eyes of your mother, and still spreading blood and water of the holy wound on your side, have pity of me, Seigneur, have pity of me. Amen.

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