Holy Adrien

Holy Adrien

Our Father

One calls upon Holy Adrien against the contagious diseases.
Holy Adrien, unshakable in his faith as a Jesus-Christ, was taken and thrown with the lions, but the lions licked the feet to him. Furious to see the animals recognizing in him the disciple of God, the torturers killed him with blows of sword, thus acquiring to him in the Sky an immortal glory.
Saint Adrien is particularly honored in Grammont.

Us unisons with your saints Martyrs, Ô my God, to sing your praises, to bless you and deserve their particular protection for the safety of our hearts and the health of our bodies. We request some from you by NR. – S. J. – C. Amen.
Holy Adrien, whom one so effectively calls upon against the contagious diseases, request for us.

Your Blood, Ô Jesus! Product in the faithful pilgrim renouncement of the world and all the significant pleasures: because the love which he finds in your blood destroyed in him the self-esteem, and his conscience is like a court from where he judges with greatest severity all his actions. By your very invaluable blood, Lord, forgive me my errors. Amen.

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