Holy Abdon

Holy Abdon

Notre Père 2

One calls upon this Saint Bishop when one is threatened to lose the sight.
Holy Abdon or Abbon was born towards 650. His holiness and his abnegation made a remarkable bishop of Metz of him.

My God, don’t allow that the cruel fate imposes complete blindness to me. I beg you, by the intercession of Holy Abdon, to protect myself in this cruel test. That your will is made, Seigneur, but if it may be, move away from me this chalice. Return has my eyes the health which they lost and which graces to you are returned forever. Please, by Our-Lord Jesus-Christ. Amen.
Abdon saint whom one never requests in vain, deliver me and intercede for me.

Ô soft Jesus, Saver beloved, in your cruel passion on the cross, you took, like a charitable doctor, all the remedies in order to cure all our diseases. You cured us by your bloody sweat with the garden of the Olive-trees; you cured us by the blood which the nails made run of your feet and your hands that they bored cruelly; you cured us by this bitter beverage composed of gall and vinegar which was presented to you on the cross; you cured us by this burning thirst which still worsened your torment; and while achieving the difficult work of our redemption, you returned heirs to the eternal life to us. Ah! Who could after that still refuse to like your Holy Cross, and of drinking, with your example, to the dregs the chalice of pain which you drank yourself for us, you the just by excellent. Amen.

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