Holy prayer

Holy prayer

The 350 Holy Prayers

« Holy Prayer » is a site honoring 350 Saints and Holy, you will find all the catholic prayers which will come you to assistance in the problems each day.The search of each Saint and his merits is very fast an easy.

The recourse to the Catholic Prayers is a practice of devotion which the church always approved.
Novena is the best form to obtain from a saint his intercession. It should, indeed, never be forgotten that it’s not the saint who cures, (to believe it would be superstition), but it’s the saint who addresses to God our requests and which supports them by his merits. It’s by his intermediary that we obtain from God the relief of our sufferings and the cure.

God, often, justified the prayer by miracles granted to the powerful intervention of a saint.

Origene, which died in Tyr into 260, is expressed thus on this subject: « All the saints deceased still show charity, there is no disadvantage of saying that they still have care of the alive ones, and that they help us their prayers ». The invocation of the saints finds a support in the Scriptures. Saint Paul recommends to the prayers the faithful ones. God himself orders in Job to request for his friends. Saint Jacques said that the prayer that the right ones do the ones for the others is very powerful at God.

Holy prayer. How to request

For make novena, we must: the first day, to start by reciting the Litany of Divin Providence.
And after we refer to the particular prayers of the saint whom one calls upon: Invocation and Oration.
And we finish by one « I greet you, Marie… « , Followed of one « Our Father… « .
The other days, we recite the same catholic prayers, except Litany.
Finally, the ninth day, one recites these prayers and we finished by Litany. Soit

In summary:
The 1st day
Litany of Divine Providence
Invocation of the chosen’s Holy
Oration of the chosen’s Holy
I greets you, Marie…
Our Father…

2nd to 8th day
Invocation of the chosen’s Holy
Oration of the chosen’s Holy
I greets you, Marie…
Our Father…

The 9th day
Invocation of the chosen’s Holy
Oration of the chosen’s Holy
I greets you, Marie…
Our Father…
Litany of Divine Providence.

The signs of cross with Holy Prayer:

When one requests for somebody, it’s preferable to associate him with the Catholic Prayers while requesting on his behalf.
The crosses (T) which one meet in the texts indicate that it’s necessary to make the sign of the cross is:
1) On oneself if we requests for oneself or an absent person.
2) In the direction of the person if this one is here.
3) If the person is sick, on the evil itself.
4) It’s preferable to make the signs of cross with holy water.
5) The letters N.-S. J.-C. means Our-Lord Jesus-Christ.

The Novena

A novena, as its name suggests, lasts nine days.
It’s recommended of communicate the everyday of novena or, if that isn’t possible, to do it the last day.
We can, for example, to begin novena one Saturday in order to finish it one Sunday; what will make it possible, with more convenience, to attend Holy Sacrifice of the Mass of the Mass and communicate.
It’s necessary to keep always in mind which the saint whom we calls upon is a powerful intercessor, but that, through him, it’s God whom we requests and who it’s of God that we receives graces and favors.

It’s necessary, so that we can be fulfilled; to have the pure heart, a right life and nothing to make which isn’t pleasant in God.
It’s necessary never to be discouraged from if it immediately isn’t obtained for what we requests.
We can make several novenas before being fulfilled.
Lastly, one never should forget to thank for the graces which one receives.

Catholic Prayer of thanksgiving

Which one must always address to God when one was fulfilled or that it arrive to us something the happy one.
If the recognition appears essential towards the men, how much it yet more towards you would not be it, Ô my God, who don’t owe us anything and of which we hold all! It’s thus with as much eagerness than from love than I come to thank you for the new benefit than granted you to me; I want you to mark of it my recognition by more zeal in your service, a greater vigilance on myself, and a continual application to avoid the sin and to acquire the virtues which can return to me pleasant in your eyes. Amen.

To find a Saint and he’s Holy Prayer, you have 2 options:

1) type its name in the search field
2) or either find it in one of the 2 menus.

To find who are the Saints or he’s Holy Prayer than can help you, for healing a disease, just type this disease in the search box.
You will automatically have the names of Saints who can help you.
For the benefits which can be brought to you in your life, the search is the same.

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